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The answer is obvious if you have read the previous paragraph of this article. But still you can find the answers by yourself looking through other offers at the market. Just compare prices of different drugstores online and offline. Ask them if they are going to make any special offers beneficial to you and so on. As a result we sure there is a large difference in favor of our pharmacy. Just try - purchase Viagra online! 

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There is no any difference in the composition. Only price makes the difference and sometimes there are some slight variations of technological process. You can be absolutely sure of the positive result after intake of cheap Viagra and other generic ED pills, which provide a steady erection. Of course there are a number of side effects but they are the same for brand and generic remedy of the particular kind. You should carefully read the description and follow the recommendations. And remember, the generics are offered at the lower price because the producer has no need to promote his goods and to carry out serious test and researches as far as all this has been done by the producer of the original remedy. Everybody knows these tabs already all over the world and they just create the same product providing its high quality. All that you need is to remember that when you buy and administer generic Viagra, you get the same result as if you order the brand Viagra online.

By the way why do we speak about Viagra only? There are many ED remedies, which are even more preferable because they offer lasting duration of the effect, less or other side effects and contraindications, which can be more suitable just for you. Viagra action starts in about 30 minutes, and you are recommended to administer it an hour before the sexual activity and count on its efficiency during next 4 hours. While Cialis will start acting in 10 minutes after intake and will last much longer.

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The market challenger after Viagra is generic Cialis. Thousands happy men choose this ED remedy and improve their sexual life in no time. Of course it is highly recommended to visit a doctor in order to find out the reason for erectile dysfunction, but cheap Cialis will give you such a brilliant result that you forget about your bad mood and health problems enjoying the tremendous sex ever. 

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If we compared Cialis to other ED treatment, we should underline that it has the longer duration of the effect provided by tadalafil citrate, being an active ingredient of this remedy. Just imagine, the result of one intake will last for 36 hours! Start with Cialis 10mg, if you feel it is not enough for you, buy Cialis 20mg.

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